Quotes To Wake You Up

Affirmations. Manifestations.

All these key, hyped words that I like to call, "a kick in the ass."

I’ve started focusing on the power of manifestation. The current book I am reading is by Jen Sincero, titled You are a Badass.


Among a myriad of advice, Sincero explains that to help live your best life, you must add affirmations to your daily routine. And okay, I admit, affirmations can feel weird and jumbled, and sometimes, I can’t connect. I feel ridiculous and I judge myself hard when I say them.

Then again, isn't that why we need affirmations?

Sincero suggests finding something you connect with to say as your affirmation.

That is exactly what I am doing. I am going to focus on quotes that resonate with me. You know the kinds that make you sit up taller?  Give you an electric shock? Make you go "Hell Yeah!” They sit with you. Those are my affirmations.

Here are my quotes that wake me up.  

jen sincero life jealous of.png

I believe it is best to start with the women who made me do this crazy, affirmation idea. This quote hit me deep and hard. Like a punch to the chest.

I believe in this quote so much... it is scary.

Social media is a blessing and a curse. We get to connect with many people, but also it is easy to get jealous. We don't see the work and the hustle that goes into it. Sometimes we forget it is a highlight reel. But it has also helped many afford a non-traditional lifestyle.  

I often think, "they are so much more talented than I am.”  They've got a special quality I don't have." "Is there even room for me?" I go on and on. And it needs to freaking stop. Sincero said it best, “Put your disbeliefs aside, take some risks, and go for it because that life can be yours.” And there, my friends is a quote to wake you up.

cheryl strayed tackle life.png

I cannot go forward without mentioning Cheryl Strayed. Hell, I could write a whole other blog post about her words that have hit home. Stop whatever you are doing and read her books Wild and Tiny Beautiful Things. Cheryl is the best friend you always wanted. She's lived a life and then some. She is thoughtful, relentless, and she tells you what you need to hear in the most beautiful way that is so freaking simple. Case in point? This quote.

I wish it was all that easy. To not get bogged down with the humdrum and shit life throws our way. What helps is thinking of Cheryl cheering me on, like any good friend, and then... I tackle the motherfucking shit out of life.


C P Cavafy your journey.png

This quote is a special one. A shout out to my family and our traditions. If you haven't read Ithaka by C.P. Cavafy, please do it.

My mom always passed this quote to my brother and I before we moved away from home. And trust me, we've done this a lot.

Why this quote? Simplicity. Of course, you’d want your journey to be filled with adventure and discovery? This quote is more of a desire, if affirmations lead to believing in yourself more then I want this quote to be a part of it,

I want a life of adventure and discovery.


nikita gill stardust .png

Sometimes we may need perspective. We easily get caught up in the grand picture, self-doubt, and worry. Take a step back you’ll see we ARE a part of this big, grand universe!

Nikita said it best. We embolden 93% stardust. How freaking cool! That what makes us up also makes up the universe?

In "How To Be A Badass" Sincero talks about connecting with the universe, or source energy. When you think about it, we are a part of this world, part of the universe- stardust. Tapping into it, being a part of it is easier when you remember this.

And when life starts feeling like shit and everything is too much. Remembering we are so much bigger than what we believe, that we are a part of something bigger, that what makes us up also makes up this world.  Nikita said it, we are just stars that have people names.


What are the quotes that wake you up? 

Quotes To Wake You Up