It All Started When...

After earning my Masters, I spent time exploring Uig on the Isle of Skye. I was seeking my wild. Stuck both metaphorically and physically at a crossroad.

Hanging out in Isle of Skye!

Hanging out in Isle of Skye!


Metaphorically: I had finished my Master's Degree. I was uncertain of my future and where I wanted to settle. The possibilities were overwhelming. I was crushed by the weight of oncoming student debt. And I was paralyzed with the fear of missed opportunities. 

Physically: I was standing on a rubbled road in Skye. For five minutes I debated. Should I take the clear path towards the water, easy to navigate and minimal terrain? Or should I head up a hill, with no clear view of the way, uncertain if the climb would be worth the view?

 A group of cows stared, waiting, watching as I debated the paths.


I chose the path unknown.

So here, I write.

I am not sure of a lot of things, but I know this. I have passions and a desire to explore and hear stories. I hope never to lose that sense of adventure. The path unknown isn't always easy, but the struggles and views are always worth it.