2017 Reflections

I’ve never really thought much of New Year. I’m not crazy about New Year’s Eve celebrations, I find they never live up to my expectations. I am an introvert and it takes a lot to get me out for NYE (or any night for that matter). Last year, I was at a German club with my brother. It was fun, but overindulging in the open bar almost killed me. The year before that? Sound asleep in bed. The year before that? Driving home from a shift at a restaurant. Each New Year was special in their own way and exactly what I needed, but nothing special. 

I’ve read other blogs (I LOVED Erin Outdoors Deep Thoughts from each year) and scoured Pinterest, and many people recommend writing reflections or hopes for the coming year. So to change my mood on this New Year, I am going to try precisely that.

2017 was a significant year for me. It changed me, broke me, and raised me. In 2018, I’ll be turning 25 and I can sense the impact this coming year will have on me.


Here are my reflections from 2017

Cliffs of Moher +2017 Refections



And you cannot fight it. When you become excited by change and the opportunities it brings, you find there is a whole, new world. Think of change like the seasons, a chance for something new to come along. A season comes sweeping in and brings in new life, but also takes away the old life. Think of Summer into Fall and Winter into Spring. Become excited about changes and the opportunity for growth.



This time last year I was dating an asshole. Did I know it at the time? No. I wasn’t fully interested in him, but I was lonely.  Was I a bad person for continuing to “date” (I use that word very loosely) him?  Maybe. Do I regret it? No. This period taught me a lot. It taught to seek out what I deserve in a relationship of any kind.  And to date, one of the most badass things I did was get up and walk out on him. So yeah, special memory right there.

I need to state this thought... I did not waste my time with that asshole. And I believe you did not waste your time on that guy or girl. You deserved better, but think of what you learned from that time. Are you stronger? Are you smarter? Do you know what you can withstand and deserve? Find the silver lining and then kiss them off.



My mom tells me this all the time. It wasn’t until I was traveling for 4 months with all my possessions scattered across Europe or on my back did I realize, um yeah… less is more. I must have donated at least 4 or 5 bags of items. Many times I found myself contemplating tossing my possessions out. I was done with all of it. So yes, now I know… less is truly more. More freedom, more flexibility, and more money (sometimes!)



Excuses are no good. I can find a million and one reasons not to do the thing. I am tired, I have no money, I won’t get the job, some person is better than me. That needs to stop. Here it is: You can do it. And if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you thought,  that’s fine. Maybe it wasn't meant to be, and the new experience will be what you need.

For me, I had high expectations when I traveled to the Isle of Skye. I did the thing. I wanted to go to Skye, and I made it happen. And I was miserable the whole time. I hated the hostel I was working at, I wasn’t crazy about the people I was working with. Out of that time, this blog was born. So yeah, I did the thing. It wasn’t what I expected, but I am happy I did the thing.



I’ve received so much rejection lately. As I mentioned, I’ve applied for lots of jobs and rejection emails fill my inbox, some nice and encouraging others, a kiss off. Rejection comes in many forms, from friends, goals, animals, family, lovers, and much more. Learning that rejection is a part of life is key. Learn to love rejection for the growth opportunity it provides and know, it is NOT a full stop, but the opportunity to try something else.

What are some of your reflections or lessons learned from 2017?


*cover photo taken by my friend Deidre