Hi, I'm Renée Michaela


And I am not sure about a lot of things.

But I am certain of this: complacency and I are not friends. Growing up, I craved more. I wanted to see more. I wanted to do more. I wanted more from life.

I became curious and wanted to find this “more.”

I found this more on the road. I learned more from the people I met. I learned more from the nights spent in unfamiliar places. I learned more from the days spent wandering streets I didn’t know. I found more of myself along the way.

I deemed that everyday was a chance for adventure. This belief took some time, but it has become a stoked fire beneath me.



But fires dwindle at times.

I began to feel lost. I graduated from Queen’s University of Charlotte and I was fighting to keep the sense of adventure alive. I took on three part-time jobs, and I felt my soul dying. These jobs were not my passion. 

There was a call to find something deeper, more wild.

On my 23rd I chased the deeper and more wild calling. It was adventure overseas to see friends and to visit the University of Glasgow. That city felt like my new adventure. In 2017, I graduated from there with a Masters in Media Management.

university of glasgow graduation

Why this Blog?

After finishing my degrees, I began to travel to keep the fire alive. But life had other plans. After a freak accident of losing my phone in the boggy depths of the Isle of Skye and a litany of rejections from jobs. I broke down. I felt the same sense of loss creeping back. I didn’t want my adventure to end. I needed a new adventure, a new challenge. I started the blog because I craved the “more” again.

I want to help others more. I want to share stories more. I want to create connections more.

I know this now-- I want more.  Do you?